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Fall in Love with God

We all desire to “fall in love”, but the perception is we can only experience this when we are in a relationship. But what if we could still experience this as a single person? We can be in a relationship with God and encounter a love like never before. Let’s fall in love with God. Continue reading “Fall in Love with God”

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Expect but don’t Forget

Wow! I can still remember the ending of 2016 and getting ready for 2017. As usual, I entered the New Year with expectancy for greater and better things than what the year before had in store. Surprisingly, 2017 was a year of growth for me rather than a year of prosperity like I had hoped for. Nonetheless 2017 was filled with wonder and unexpected blessings.

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Are They Worth The Risk?




Is this the kind of “love story” you want? Falling in love, getting your heart broken and then repeating that same process all over again with someone else. Maybe this is the only “love story” you have heard of because you haven’t learned to count the cost. In my blog titled Love Doesn’t Hurt. Loving the Wrong Person Does (Read blog here). I write about heartbreak and how choosing the wrong person to invest our love in can lead to a devastating hurt.

Although love doesn’t hurt, love creates an atmosphere for potential rejection, heartbreak and/or a messy relationship. This is why counting the cost between the person you are interested in and the guarding of your heart is extremely important.

Before you think about getting into a relationship, you must first ask yourself, “Is this guy or girl worth the risk of me being rejected or getting my heart broken?” Often times, this question is hardly asked and the lack of asking it can result in regret.

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