Are They Worth The Risk?




Is this the kind of “love story” you want? Falling in love, getting your heart broken and then repeating that same process all over again with someone else. Maybe this is the only “love story” you have heard of because you haven’t learned to count the cost. In my blog titled Love Doesn’t Hurt. Loving the Wrong Person Does (Read blog here). I write about heartbreak and how choosing the wrong person to invest our love in can lead to a devastating hurt.

Although love doesn’t hurt, love creates an atmosphere for potential rejection, heartbreak and/or a messy relationship. This is why counting the cost between the person you are interested in and the guarding of your heart is extremely important.

Before you think about getting into a relationship, you must first ask yourself, “Is this guy or girl worth the risk of me being rejected or getting my heart broken?” Often times, this question is hardly asked and the lack of asking it can result in regret.

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Love Doesn’t Hurt. Loving the Wrong Person Does.

Whose been in love? Hands down. I’m sure most of you have at least once. I’ve been in love multiple times. Most of those times loving caused me some serious hurt. Hurt that takes months and even years to fully heal.

I now have a better understanding of what dating should look like. It’s definitely not going out with multiple guys until you feel “loved” by one of them!

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The Beginning Of New Beginnings

Hi there! Have you ever struggled with change in your life? I Have! Whether it’s a minor or major change, we all struggle with adjusting to change. It’s not an easy transition, in fact change can be extremely challenging for some of us. It simply depends on the type of change we’re dealing with.

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